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We Are Proud to Introduce

Precision-milled 3/4" T&G flooring  sourced from the American Tobacco Company warehouse in Durham, NC.

American Tobacco Co. Reclaimed Tobacco Pine

At Heartwood Pine Flooring, we are proud to offer precision-milled reclaimed wood flooring expertly salvaged from structural decking, beams, and timbers found in the American Tobacco Company warehouse in Durham, NC. More than 30,000 American large textiles and manufacturing buildings that traditionally supplied the wood for the reclaimed wood flooring industry have been destroyed in the last 40 years. With so many of them being destroyed, the material has become scarce causing the cost of reclaimed wood flooring to soar to $12-20.00 per square foot. 

Working with a demolition expert, we salvaged 500,000 b.f. of structural decking, beams and timbers from the American Tobacco Company warehouse and transformed it into what we now call Tobacco Pine. This particular tobacco warehouse was built in the early 1900’s so the reclaimed wood has undergone 120 years of slow air-drying.

Because we have this large supply of reclaimed lumber, we are proud to offer beautiful, durable, solid reclaimed wood flooring for about 50% of what you would pay for Standard Heart Pine with a quicker delivery time. We most often sell factory direct to developers, home builders, architects, and flooring contractors, but we also work with homeowners providing them with beautiful unique flooring for their home.

Whether you are contractor,developer or home owner, we offer one grade of Tobacco Pine, we call RUSTIC. This is available in  2 ways, PREFINISHED and UNFINISHED.

Tobacco Pine Rustic PREFINISHED
Prefinished: Clear, Natural, Satin   

  • $9.50 per sf

  • Factory finished includes 7 coats of clear/natural polyurethane

  • Variations of color and grain pattern creates a beautiful floor with character

  • Heart Content: 10%-80%  

  • Grain pattern:  Flat Sawn

  • Density: 6-12” growth rings    

  • Knots: small, tight  and could have many

  • Widths: 4”- 6”     

  • Thickness:  3/4" T&G 


Tobacco Pine Rustic UNFINISHED
Unfinished: Ready to install and finish

  • $6.50 per sf

  • Balanced mixture of lighter reds and rich mellow yellows

  • Heart content:  10%-80%

  • Grain pattern: Flat Sawn          

  • Density: 6-12” growth rings

  • Knots: small, tight could have many

  • Widths: combination 4” - 6”

  • Thickness: 3/4"  T&G

Want to add interest to any room and not just the floors but the walls and ceiling? This wood is great for painting and staining.


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Made With Heart in North Carolina